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100% Safe Award from DownloadAtlas

Downloads2k tested Ten Thousand Dice using 3 different antivirus engines and found it 100% Clean, making it safe to install on any computer.

Smarter Choice Award from DownloadAtlas

DownloadAtlas awards Ten Thousand Dice their 100% Safe and Smarter Choice awards!

ProSoftix awards Ten Thousand Dice their Trusted Software Award

DownloadNew.org Awarded Ten Thousand Dice their "5 Stars Reviewers' choice" Award!

Ten Thousand Dice recently received the Most Popular Award from the shareware site www.softpile.com.  Thanks to all the users who have downloaded and enjoyed Ten Thousand Dice.

2004-03-07: Hey everyone the long awaited new version of Ten Thousand Dice is finally here. Now you can use keyboard shortcut keys to play the game [1,2,3,4,5,6,A,N,R,S] are the main ones. You can have different dice for every player [in the registered version of course], and I think I've fixed all the known bugs.  If you find any new ones please let me know so I can get rid of them too. Have fun everyone!

2004-03-03:: Get ready for the next version of Ten Thousand Dice. The new version will be available for download soon. It will have some fun new features for you, as well as a fix for the recent crash bug.  And for those of you who would rather use your keyboard instead of your mouse, I've added keyboard short cuts for all aspects of the game so you can play completely mouse free! :)

2004-02-28: There have been some reports of an bug in the Registered version of Ten Thousand Dice that crashes the game.  It appears just as you press OK to begin playing the game (after selecting the players).  The bug is being reported by people who are using XP and who use dial up for internet access.

We are working on a bug fix that will correct this problem, and hope to have it in the next release of Ten Thousand Dice, scheduled out on Monday 03-08-2004.

For the Registered Users:

Now you have several different dice graphics to pick from

Release History:

Version 2.40
   XP and Dialup bug was not fixed in 2.39, This is another attempt to fix it.
   Fixed another bug in computer players game with network game
   Some other bug fixes.

Version 2.39
   Fixed the bug in registered version on XP with dialup networking.

Version 2.38
   Fixed the bug with computer players in a networked game.

Version 2.37
   Added support of different dice colors for each player in a game.

Version 2.36
   Fixed the click one of a three of a kind to select all of that number was selecting twos when Twos Rule was on.
   Changed the look of the Ten Thousand Dice icon.

Version 2.35
   Revised some of the new colored dice to give them higher contrast.
   Add two LED style dice.
   Added the "Buy Now" button to the Shareware screen.

Version 2.34
   Added the user selectable dice option.  Thanks to Carl Karcher for the dice bitmaps. See his other work at www.karcher.org.
   Added a short "For the New Player" help page that gets launched automatically at the beginning of the first game.

Version 2.33
   Added code to convert general awards to specific awards.
   Pointed web stuff to www.enwsoftware.com.
   Coded the specific awards (for a future enhancement).

Version 2.32
   Changed help file formats.
   Made awards and stats player specific.

Version 2.31
   Fixed a bug in the installer.
   Fixed a bug in the shareware nag screen.

Version 2.30
   Got rid of the Tenthou.ini. (sorry all awards values will be reset as a result).
   Created the User - Reg Key code for unlocking the Registered version.
   Added the Enter User Info dialog
   Changed the defaults for some of the settings after installation.
   Added the Awards Reset.
   Updated help file of course.

Version 2.29
   Added a highlight color to the leader in the score dialog.
   Changed the sound played for an award.
   Added a couple of new sounds.
   Fixed a computer player stalling bug in a network multiplayer game.
   Fixed the bug that stalled the game when a network player exits during play.
   Fixed a bug that closed the score and awards dialogs when you hit play again.
   Fixed a bug in the Awards handling in multiplayer games.
   Fixed a glaring typo in the Awards Dialog.
   Added a few more computer personalities.
   Re - fixed the "And the Winner is" dialog bug that showed a 0 for the "busted at" score when a player busts on the first roll of the final round.
   Updated help file.

Version 2.28
   Added the Awards feature.
   Fixed the bug that shows the "Your turn" dialog when only computer players are selected for a game.
   Added a small warning dialog when you have selected only computer players for a game.
   Fixed the bug that makes the computer take your first roll when it goes first and busts on it's first roll of it's first turn.
   Updated help file.

Version 2.27
   Fixed the "And the Winner is" dialog bug that showed a 0 for the "busted at" score when a player busts on the first roll after someone goes over the top.
   Fixed the new-game dialog bug that made the player names always go back to the configuration used in the first game.
   Fixed the bug that caused the Twos Rule to be ignored by some of the clients in a network multiplayer game.
   Added drop down of like dice when you click one of a three or more of a kind
   New game menu item now asks if you are sure you want to start a new game when one is already in progress
   More updates to the help file.

Version 2.26
   Added a "Chat" feature in network multiplayer games
   Updated help file.
   Version 2.25
   Fixed a bug in the installer that didn't register the help dll correctly.
   Improved the look of the score dialog.
   Updated help file.

Version 2.24
   Two's rule not implemented correctly for computer player.
   On play again names not cleaned up if previous game started with names not in sequential order.
   Added the Two's rule on/off feature.
   Added the variable game score feature.